TUAW Top Ten Posts

#10: Safari Enhancer and Saft Updates -This tool makes all of the weird goofs and bugs about Safari easier to deal with.

#9: iTunes 5.0 – The true sleeper of the Sept 7th product announcements. Cool new features, improved shuffle options and just as easy to use.

#8: Create enhanced podcasts – Great post on how to create enhanced podcasts. Haven’t published anything yet, but thanks to this post, I’ve got another Mac-related diversion.

#7: Opening Mac mini Sans Putty Knife – Didn’t see this post before I already did the putty knife opening (no scratches, at least no visable ones). But future openings of my Mac mini will have me going back to this post.

#6: My wishes for iLife ’06 – iLife ’05 isn’t all that bad, with the exception of iPhoto 5’s limitations (allow me to rename the file when importing into iPhoto, not just the caption). This post gave me some hope that maybe… just maybe, Apple will actually listen to some of our complaints and I can start using iPhoto instead of Finder to manage my digital photos.

#5: Opera Still Offering Free Registration Codes – I’m a stable guy when it comes to browsers. But I’m open to trying new browsers. And what a better way to try new options when they are free.

#4: Vaio Running OS X – I’m staying away from the x86 OS X mods and waiting for the offical Apple product. But that doesn’t mean seeing someone else running OS X on a current WinTel system keeps me from salivting.

#3: FreeMacWare – What’s better than Mac software?? Free Mac software.

#2: Lesson learned: Keep a vintage Mac around – Thank goodness I’m not the only one keeping older Macs around for those “just in case” times. Although they do take up considerable more room than the bootable MS-DOS 5.0 floppies and Windows 95 CDs in my desk drawer.

#1: iPod nano – Okay… all of the other 9 favorite posts provided useful helps for my daily Mac and iPod uses…. but this thing is just cool…. and to read the details, along with the user rants and praises makes me drool just thinking about having one.

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