Adult Beverages – It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere

  • All things booze, imbibing, alcohol, mixing, bars, liquor laws, drink recipes, video podcast of how to make drinks.


Banal Leakage – Random Bits of Whatever

  • Politics, Music, Movies, Top Nine (blog posts that are a list of the top nine things I like) and so much more.
  • Snowy Sunday (videos)
  • Random Leakage (various subjects in a single post)


Scooter Sunday – the view from a moving scooter

  • Scooter Sunday (videos) – weekly videos during the warmer months of the year that showcase my scooter riding adventures


It’s Just Marty

  • Various subjects that I don’t feel like putting up on Banal Leakage. It’s for those times when I get in a mood to write something without spending time working on a regular blog post… no formatting, maybe a few links and pictures, but mostly just my words.