Job Update

After a pretty harsh two weeks with no bites, one bite came back today. And it was one that I expected to brush me off. Back in late June, I emailed my resume for a position for a LAN Admin here in Salt Lake. About 3 weeks ago, I got a call from the HR person and she said they received over 1,100 resumes for this one position! (yeah, “Holy Shit!” was my same response, although it’s somewhat the norm for some coveted positions). So after being told they would get back with those of the 24 resumes they picked through, they would call back the 6 they narrowed it down to. So it turns out that I made the cut! WhooHOO!! It helped make the rest of this empty day better than I expected it to be. While I’m not betting the whole basket of eggs on this one, I am hopful that something will happen. I’ll keep things updated. On my home page, so far nothing on the search engines. I’m hoping that people will see my page and want to part with a few George Washinton’s or more.

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