It’s amazing what 6 hrs of sleep will do

As I last reported yesterday, I had only 6 hrs of sleep in 5 days. Well, after getting 6 hrs of sleep in ONE NIGHT, it’s helped me tons. Being a part time smoker doesn’t help either. But my motivation factor has gone up 1000 percent. And that’s adding to the list a lost consulting client that I’ve had to deal with. But I got through it and already have two other leads. As far as an update on where things are with losing my girlfriend last week, it’s still painful. But I want to get myself back into life and enjoy what it has to offer. I’ll be honest. I really want her back, and I have realized the patience that she endured with putting up with me. But the future is unwritten and I want to focus on being the person I miss…. the one who laughs at funny stuff, who makes people laugh, who is able to not be dependent on others for his happiness, but one who wants to be with someone. It’s like the Cinderella song “don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone” I never really liked that song, but it’s been going through my head this last week. And I can tell you, I don’t want to learn that lesson in life anymore. Just want to focus on getting it all back and being the Marty that everyone remembers. I just want to make this a lasting change and not one I have to repeat often. Oh, another song I’ve been listening to that I do like, is by Crazy Town. Hated “Butterfly” with a passion and they sucked at Ozzfest 2001. But it’s called “Change” on their new album “Darkhorse” If you hated that goddamn butterfly song, you should give the new album a listen. It’s on sale at Target for $10 this week and it’s not bad. And I’m pretty bad about writing off bands that I tire of. But an open mind changed that. If anyone wants to drop me a line, feel free. My email address is off my web page

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