Life is Happening

Albums Listening to: .Velvet Revolver “Contraband”, Jane’s Addiction “Strays”

Top Article: Velvet Revolver Hits No.1 on Billboard Top 200 Chart

Current Rant: Bush’s approval rating has gone up, all due to former Pres. Reagan’s proceedings last week. Even given the fact that Ron Reagan Jr. blasted Bush. Sure wish approval ratings would do the same for Kerry, given all of the shit that people blast him with.

Personal Comments: Never miss a payment with a high interest credit card (my Firestone card, which I use on occassion to fix my 2001 Nissan Sentra GXE). Turns out that I forgot to make a payment (pissed the living fuck out of me tonight when I got home from work). Not only did I get right on the phone and make both payments for June and July, but now I’m $29 more in the hole (late fee) and that much more pissed off. Thank god for mudslides, kids. They calm you down like you wouldn’t believe… especially if you’ve not had anything to eat in several hours. Such is life.

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