Almost Christmas …

Albums Listening to: The Killers “Hot Fuss”, Neil Young “On The Beach”

Top Article: Wal-Mart gets sued over Evanescence’s new CD with bad language – This is one of those “parents need a bitch slap of reality” articles that you must read.

Current Rant: Last week, it was announced that the Parents TV Council (just second in the list of evil right-wing organizations – AFA takes top billing) produced over 98% of all complaints to the FCC regarding “bad TV shows” that people had issues with. Mind you, 97% of those that complained have most likely never seen an episode of “Desperate Housewives” and didn’t have bifocals strong enough to see even a part of Janet’s left nipple last January during the Super Bowl halftime show. But, such is the force of the right wing. Give them an inch, they’ll take 100 miles. BTW, if you’ve not watched “Desperate Housewives”, it really is a well written show. Congrats to Marc Cherry for his fine work every Sunday night. The Mouse House (ABC) has got a hit on their hands.

Personal Comments: Another year will soon be over. It’s been tough the last 3 years. Life tends to be more of a challenge when there are financial issues that hound you on a weekly basis. But somehow, I manage to keep on top of it all. At the end of the day, I am happy that I have a great daughter, a loving fiance and the ability to enjoy life, amidst the various issues that get tossed my way.

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