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Albums Listening to: .Velvet Revolver “Contraband”, Beatles “Revolver” and “Rubber Soul”

Top Article: Clinton-haters vs. Bush-bashers? No contest by RICHARD ROEPER

Current Rant: See the above article link. But basically people that are against being critical of our Oaf in Office (Bush) but thought nothing of it to slam Clinton while he was in office (and onging still). Read the above article. It’s exactly how I feel.

Personal Comments: Life is busy, as always and as evident from the lack of blog posts. I spend a lot of time lately on both the New York Times Readers’s Forum (mostly the Gay Rights and Religion in America forums – my handle there is megafone) and Third Eye Film (handle there is chillywilly), so if you venture over to either, you’ll find my current postings – political and entertainment.

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