Glad Last Week Is Over

My guess is that people may be tired of reading all of the shit that goes on in my life, but hey… this is a blog and I’m going to post what’s going on. Last week, my girlfriend and I called it quits (officially). A short history… we met in April of 2001, started dating in July and I moved in with her in Sept. Oct of 2001, I lost my job, but we made it ok. My daughter got along with her at first, but the relationship there went south eventually. I moved out in Sept of 2002 (too much negative in my life and it was affecting our relationship)… we still dated, but last week, she called me and wanted to talk about us. So we parted, but are still friends. It’s weird because I knew things had changed after I moved out, and I’m still trying to just take care of myself and get back to being a fun person to be around. But as we talked last Wed., she was starting to dread talking to me (which I understand… I’m not the most exciting person lately… I’m getting better, but it does take some time). And with all of the positives that are going on in her life, we decided that it was for the best. The weird part about this is that now that’s it’s official, it hurts more than I expected it to. Which proves to me that my feelings were strong still…. otherwise I wouldn’t have taken it so hard these last 5 days. Sleep is something I need… in a bad way. I’ve only logged maybe 6 hrs since Wed night and it’s taken a HUGE ASS toll on my thinking and ability to function during the day. I’m tired, but my dreams have been so bizzare and dealing with all that’s happened. We probably won’t see eachother until the end of March when her friend leaves for the military… which is good thing since it will give me some time to get over these breakdown points… and most importantly… GET MORE SLEEP!! So for now, I have no plans for a LOOOONNNGGG time to inflict myself on anyone in any kind of relationship. I’m too respectful of people’s lives. So enough bitching. Time to get to bed. Maybe in a few days, I’ll update on my sleep progress.

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