Life Goes On

Albums Listening to: .Jay-Z “Black Album”, Prince “The Hits – Disc 2”

Top Article: David Kay On Inspections and Absence of Prohibited Weapons

Current Rant: Fahrenheit 911 comes out this weekend. Can’t wait to see it. It’s very anticipated as I tend to agree with Mr. Moore and his position. Read the article above. I tend to trust a former UN inspector on the details of what went on in Iraq and the lack of finding any WMDs.

Personal Comments: I never thought I would end up with 4 cell phones, but it’s happening. My daughter-in-law is leaving Verizon and coming onto our Sprint PCS plan. Fortunately, adding the phone will only add $23 a month to my bill, plus help burn up some of those 2000 mins that I get each month (December was the closet I got to 2000 mins, at a whopping 1350 daytime mins used). I keep telling my daughter to use her mins, because in 2 years when she’s 15, I’ll be telling her to stay off the phone.

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