A Good Man Who’s Getting Better

More postive reports from my world. My part time job is now two weeks old and I’m really getting into it. Selling DirecTV and Dish Network over the phone is not bad at all. My first week, I got 8 sales, which is 6 more than someone new who normally has phone sales experience. So, it makes me feel good that I’m doing good at something that I’ve not done in the past. As far as my life with Reba, I continue to keep going with making my life better. We have decided to talk once a week (which is extremely hard for me based on how much I love her and how strong my feelings are for her), but I’m doing all I can to respect her time until things move towards us dating again. I’ve written her another letter that expresses how I feel and that I want us to be together and someday be married (WOW! Yes, that’s a big word for me, but it’s something I really want to happen). Am I asking too much? I don’t think so since from our talks, she has said she wants us to be together again. But I know it’s going to take some time to rebuild the relationship and I am not pushing any decision… just letting each week happen and seeing where we are each week. I still have some cool things planned for her (sorry, can’t reveal anything here until it actually happens) and want to spend time with her as I can and talking to help us keep that communication going. I’ve also decided to finally give up my smoking habit. It’s been getting so old lately. I normally smoke Camel Special Lights and decided to buy a pack of really shitty tasting cheap smokes. Man, does that help a lot. These things are so bad, I am actually getting sick from these things. What better way to not enjoy the habit than to switch. I’ve slipped a few times since the 9th of Feb, but hope to be done with it today. I’ve joined the web site quitnet.org and it’s good to read messages from others who are trying to shake their habit. My life has changed and continues to change and I am more excited about life than I ever have been and I look forward to a great future – one that I hope includes Reba.

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