Serious Lack of updates

Yeah, yeah. It’s been a while (about 3 weeks) since I last posted anything here. Trust me, it was for a good reason. My clients I’ve been working have kept me busy. One got a great deal on a used computer, which I installed for them. Viruses were abound, which got cleaned up. And one added an in-house email server. And I’ve got quotes for two of my clients to help install DSL for them. So, busy is good. And some money helped, too… even if all of it went right away to pay my bills. It was good to work. Still got money problems. Applied for an $8.50 /hr customer service job, which I hope I get. Even something at this point will help. And fighting with a client in Las Vegas to get some money owed to me has been a small challenge. My friend used to work there, but got laid off for dumb ass reasons…. (read: hurting for money, couldn’t be honest enough to admit it). And now the few hundred I’m owed is in limbo (read: being jerked around). Done bitching about my money problems. Posting another update tomorrow.

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