Summer is over …

Albums Listening to: Staind “Chapter V”, Shadows Fall “The War Within”

Top Article: Leaders Lack Disaster Experience – This is the government we are talking about, so it’s not such a stretch to employ your buddies over someone that’s qualified to know something about the department they will be heading. Sad that innocent lives were lost when there may have been a chance to save those that were stranded if quicker action would have been taken.

Current Rant: Cell phone contracts. They all do it. Tie you down for 1-2 years, charge a $150 to $175 fee per line if you leave before then …. and then don’t really do much during that time to make you feel like you are getting a good deal and good service. Granted, for the most part, I’m happy with Sprint. But their latest merger seems to have added the idea that they can charge $5.00 for “free” roaming or $7.50 for picture mail when these features used to be included in their plans. And while switching phones is 90% painless, it’s the 10% pain in the ass issue re-activating my Vision (web) on the new phone that’s got me upset at the moment.

Regardless, why the need to force you to stay with them? If their service was great and their attention to detail was part of their customer service, they wouldn’t have to shackle you down for 24 months. You’d stay because they had great service and you were treated as a customer should be treated. I’m currently not under contract but staying with Sprint because I don’t care to re-sign with them or any other carrier. The nice part of being month-to-month on a granfathered plan makes dealing with the 10% bullshit a bit more bearable.

Personal Comments: With summer winding down and coming off of a nice weekend trip to the beautiful spots and canyons in southern Utah (Bryce, Grand Staircase Escalante, Calf’s Creek, Goblin Valley) , it’s time to start thinking positive about going into fall and then winter (which seem like 8 months long here in Utah) and hoping to get some personal demons locked up and/or thrown out, find employment that pays and respects me more than my current clusterf*** combination of day job and side work and make time to complete some personal goals (getting my writing career going again, for one).

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