August Already?

So I never updated from my trip to California last month. The trip went well, even though it cost more than I expected (plane fare, rental car, hotel, food, Disneyland) for only a quick two day weekend. Regardless, it was fun and it was nice to visit my mom’s grave and visit family as well.

My web plans are still ongoing, with an official blog that I am working on. I really wanted it to roll out yesterday, but didn’t make the time to get it all configured properly. There are some technical struggles that I am working on that I hope to overcome here soon (basically, learning WordPress enough to tweak some of the settings).

Once I get my blog up and running, the main site will go through some changes, mostly consolidating and visual, and all new updates will be posted on the blog. This page will be the main navigation for the entire site. I’m shooting for sometime before September, but it may be later. We’ll see what happens.

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