Summer may have finally arrived

Newport Beach
I think summer has finally set foot here in Utah.
This last weekend found me playing a round of golf (9 holes and a small bucket of balls, but hey it’s a start), swimming with my daughter and staying outside without cursing the weather.
The previous weekend was spent inĀ Wendover, NV, where we stayed for free at the Wendover Nugget – that is if you don’t count the $90 I spent playing roulette and the slots.
And the first weekend of June found me on a bike for the first time in a long time. I did the 25-mile Bike Tour at the Salt Lake City Marathon. Finished it in 1 hour 38 minutes. Not bad for someone who’s over 40 and having been 10+ years since the last time I rode seriously. If this sticks and I get out a couple of times a week, I may be doing a century at the end of summer. We’ll see…. stay posted.
So let’s hope the weather is nice from here on…. or at least until Labor Day. In the meantime, I’ll try posting more activities that I do this summer.

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