ADA – no, not the American Dental Association

This short sighted, bigot-laced organization is not at all interested in freewill or personal choice. They want to control what you do and see AND take away anything that remotly is associated with what they call “bad”. Take this latest outrage on Carl’s Jr. ads with Hugh Hefner. The Hef is simply taking about his diverse taste (watch the ad here. These fucking prudes at the ADA see it as Carl’s Jr. teaching people to have sex, and break up their families… all because Hef and the women in the commerical – which are all dressed professionally – are taking about men not wanting the same things night after night. This isn’t a nude fest, with burgers smeared across naked bodies (save that for another web site and DVD – available at your favorite Adult DVD store). It’s just fucking insane!! so given my passion about this kind of bullshit right-wing agenda, I sent the PR person at Carl’s Jr. a letter saying I support their ads and think they were tastefully done.

You can read the ADA responses here. Also, note at the end of the page their call for you to send in money… and lots of it ($10,000 – nothing short of a shitload). Nothing short of a business (just like all organized religions) – can you tell I’m pissed about this???

There’s one of my rants for this week. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving…. and if you went to Carl’s Jr, write me and let me know if it has caused you to leave your wife and kids and become a perverse wayward indivdual – all due to seeing Hef on the tv with a burger. Hell, write me back anyway…

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