Six months, Two Days

So let’s see now… i’ll play catch up as best as I can. Reba and I are back together and living together – very happy, struggling money wise – but very happy. The holiday season has started and we are looking forward to our trip to Calif and Las Vegas. Day job with data2logistics is going well. I’m happy to be part of the working soceity and making a dent into my monthly bills… which, BTW, are a bit less than they used to be. My daughter is 12 now, loves having her own cell phone (which costs me a whopping $3 a month if she doens’t d’load more than $5 in games each month). We hang out and have fun. Reba and I are on the South Beach Diet… I am more for healthy eating reasons… she is to get more fit and trim. Life in general is good…. Yes, dammit!! i’ve gotten lazy about my blog… but each time I hear from someone who visited my less updated web site, i thought about the updates I needed to put out. You know, if I put more frequent news out here, I wouldn’t have to have this big long-ass condensed dialog every six months and two days…. take care all – be safe this season… and wish me luck on my $$ issues with my ex. I could use the raise here soon.

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