Even Less Money, Shitloads Mo Problems

Ok, it’s been a few days. But nothing to report on until today. Yesterday, called one of my regular clients to see how things were going. He tells me, “so you got my email ok?” I asked him what email (it had been almost an hour since I checked it) and he tells me that he had some computer and server needs. Kinda cool, in a weird way… but I’ll take it. So that’s a bit more cash that I needed (and there are more things that need to be done once Qwest gets stuff done on their DNS). Still waiting for a couple of small checks from a client in Las Vegas. So each day, Wells Fargo gets hits from me, seeing where my balance is. So far, it’s not been too bad. But being no-cash poor is bad. My Chevron card is getting a work out in milk, bread, soda and gas for the car. Thank god they raised my limit. But I know someday soon, that’s a card that’s going to need a break and a pay off. We’ll cross that bridge when I get there. The ego boost from last Friday’s interview lasted a few days…. it was nice while it lasted. I need more!! So far, no searching finds my web site. Maybe someday soon. For now, my searches turn up all of the stuff I did years ago. Nice to find that out there, but I need the current stuff to show up…. like my Web-begging site. So far, no bites or hits. Someday soon.

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