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Short Outage

Not that anyone may have noticed, but this site was completely down from mid-morning Wednesday Nov 21st till Friday (today) Nov 23rd, bringing it back online just a couple of hours ago.

I was forced to move web hosting companies this week due to a change that my previous hosting company – My Domain – made that broke both of the WordPress blogs I hosted on their site. Working one minute, then once moved to their “new platform” they were not working. After three 40 minute phone calls, there was no resolution. I was simply told “the upgrade hasn’t finished yet. Things will work once it’s done.”

Well, I patiently waited hours – a good 24 hours to be exact and still nothing. So on Thanksgiving Day, I moved to Dreamhost. They had a one day deal that was hard to pass up.

The odd part about this is that I could still get into my WordPress Dashboard, with the database intact and operating properly. The main page was the PHP code from the index.php file [if you were viewing it from Google Chrome] or a blank page [if you were viewing it from Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer] , which for some reason wasn’t executing the PHP code and bringing up the blog posts.

Still need to move my other blog – Adult Beverages – which remains down. In my efforts to not put every blog I have with a single hosting company, I am looking at a couple other providers that should be able to meet my needs without spending a lot of time and money.

Changes Are Happening

Just some changes, mostly in the theme since my last theme didn’t support WordPress 3.x.

It was time for a change anyway. Thanks for your patience.

Brushing Away The Cobwebs

Looking at my posting history here, it’s pretty barren around these parts. Plus with no one really commenting out here, there’s no real urgency to post on a regular basis.

But regardless, I still will keep this blog alive. I am looking at changing the WordPress theme to something that supports version 3.0 [this particular theme I have now doesn’t support 3.0… I know, cause I did the update and it didn’t work]

I will try to have a post out here once a month, most likely posted from my iPad using BlogPress, which is a cool app that allows me to post without sitting at a computer.

So for those few that visit here, thanks for sticking it out.