I’m sitting in the airport now, blogging my from iPad, heading to Las Vegas for the CES 2012 trade show.

I used to go to trade shows for years. Sometimes I drove, sometimes I flew. For the times I flew before September 11, 2001, flying was an awesome thing. You walked through a metal detector, your bags were checked and you got on the plane in a reasonable amount of time.

Today, it’s a series of undressing yourself based on the reactive rules setup by the TSA. I get nervous each and every time I have to take out my laptop and place it into a separate plastic bin, keeping my eye on it each step of the way until I have it back in my hands and placed back into my backpack. I ensure that I have only my ID with me, leaving my wallet in my carry on luggage until I am out of security.

I treasure my years of positive flying memories each time I approach the TSA security area. It’s the one thing that can calm my nerves, event if it’s a small fraction of how I would love to feel.

I made it through today as I am sitting here with my shoes on, my laptop intact and my nerves much more stable than they were 45 mins ago. Of course, I also have to give proper credit to the gin & tonic I just sucked down.

Vegas, here I come!