At some point in collecting bonus credits, points and loyalty rewards, there will be expired points. Some expire after a year, but the most common expiration time frame is 6 months. Thus that’s what I experienced when I logged into my Buffalo Wild Wings rewards program called Blazin’ Rewards.

It’s not that I don’t like Buffalo Wild Wings, but more that I don’t make it there that often. There’s not a location near my work and the closest location to my home is just far enough away that makes it a choice that doesn’t get the up vote that often.



660 points is not enough to get most of the rewards, but I’d hate to always start from zero every 6 months.

I found the email form on the Blazin’ Rewards site to send a nice and professional response asking if there was an option to restore the points. And as the above image shows, I received a response a couple of days after I sent my email with a Goodwill Expiration points restore. I’m guessing this is a one time thing, so I must add a visit to Buffalo Wild Wings at least once every 5 months. And given their menu variety, I think I can find something I like.