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Changes and Transformations

As I blogged some 14 months ago about this site changing, it will finally be happening during the month of January. Along with so many other of my online presences/sites/videos/projects and entities.

What kind of changes?

A few changes to look forward to on my sites:

  • Updated themes on all sites, which for now is this site and Banal Leakage
  • The official launch of martymankins.com, which currently points to my Posterous page. Along with the launch, all of my personal pages here on this site will move to that site. Makes sense.

  • The official launch of Change Your Commute, my first commercial web venture that covers alternate forms of transportation, other than the gasoline powered vehicle.

There’s a few other things I will be working on as well, but I’ve let the cobwebs and distractions in my life get to me for too long. And while I tend to look back to see what I could have done, this is all about moving forward.

Specific changes to this site are still up in the air, but it will most likely continue to be an alternate blog posting site for a variety of posts I didn’t want to post over on Banal Leakage.

Maybe if I spiff things up a bit, I’ll garner a few more visitors here. Guess we’ll see.

The End of Summer

Well, another summer ended here in Utah.

It was a short summer, with most of the month of June being filled with rain and cold. September has proven to be mostly nice, and I’m sure October will have some nice days. But before we know it, winter will rear its cold and ugly head and filled the roads with ice and snow.

I don’t post much out here anymore, but every so often, I get a small bit of words that I want to keep here.

With three blogs I currently maintain: Banal Leakage, It’s Just Marty and this site, with each blog covering it’s own set of rules and types of posts that I make it to each one. Someday, I hope that whatever it is that keeps me from properly balancing the content I produce will break itself free, allowing me to post whatever I wish to these and future blogs I have.