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PHP 7.4 Upgrade

PHP logo
Time to upgrade from PHP 7.2 to PHP 7.4

Back in May, I was forced to finally make the giant leap from PHP 5.6 to PHP 7.2. Now we are at PHP 7.4, which is still not the most recent version, but it’s at a stable and supported version.

A theme switch and tweaked settings inside the theme have this site back to looking better and more like a completed blog site than a work in progress, given that this blog has been around for almost 20 years.

The theme is now the same Point theme that I use over on my main blog. So that makes ongoing changes easier. And with a new post that is ChillyWilly subject-based for the Christmas holiday, maybe this long overdue cleanup of this blog will have more regular posts.

DreamHost Great Hashtag Holiday

I WON! – I WON! – I WON!

The company that this blog is hosted on – DreamHost – recently had a contest where they did a multi-day giveaway. I decided to enter on the last day and to my surprise, I won.

The prize for this last day was a Kindle Fire HD7. Sweet!

This was my Tweet that was randomly picked as the winner.

So now I wait for my prize. Thanks DreamHost, for being a great place to host this blog. I’ll be moving over my main blog the first of March 2015.

Send Me Oreo

oreo cookie dough
Original photo found at GrubGrade

Oreo has two new flavors coming out. And they did a Twitter giveaway last night during the Grammy awards show.

send me oreo

Using the hashtag #sendmeoreo I sent a tweet and got a reply within a few minutes. Clicking the link in the tweet, I filled out shipping information and got the above response. So it appears they will be sending a package containing the new Oreo flavors of Cookie Dough and Marshmallow Crispy.

Once I get the prize pack, I will be reviewing them over on my main blog, adding to my other reviews of previous Oreo flavors.

Happy New Year 2012

My first step in transforming this site into something different is to borrow something from my main blog. The theme I am using here is one that regular readers of that blog know very well. It will be the theme I will keep in place for the foreseeable future. I may change it at some point this year, but that’s only if I find something else that is equally clean and easy to navigate.

However, I will be doing a major theme change over on Banal Leakage before the 5th anniversary in April. I have a few themes I am looking at now and hoping to find one in the next month that I can start tweaking.

So just a quick update. Will be posting more often here and on a regular basis in the next week or so. Stay tuned.

Changes and Transformations

As I blogged some 14 months ago about this site changing, it will finally be happening during the month of January. Along with so many other of my online presences/sites/videos/projects and entities.

What kind of changes?

A few changes to look forward to on my sites:

  • Updated themes on all sites, which for now is this site and Banal Leakage
  • The official launch of martymankins.com, which currently points to my Posterous page. Along with the launch, all of my personal pages here on this site will move to that site. Makes sense.

  • The official launch of Change Your Commute, my first commercial web venture that covers alternate forms of transportation, other than the gasoline powered vehicle.

There’s a few other things I will be working on as well, but I’ve let the cobwebs and distractions in my life get to me for too long. And while I tend to look back to see what I could have done, this is all about moving forward.

Specific changes to this site are still up in the air, but it will most likely continue to be an alternate blog posting site for a variety of posts I didn’t want to post over on Banal Leakage.

Maybe if I spiff things up a bit, I’ll garner a few more visitors here. Guess we’ll see.

The End of Summer

Well, another summer ended here in Utah.

It was a short summer, with most of the month of June being filled with rain and cold. September has proven to be mostly nice, and I’m sure October will have some nice days. But before we know it, winter will rear its cold and ugly head and filled the roads with ice and snow.

I don’t post much out here anymore, but every so often, I get a small bit of words that I want to keep here.

With three blogs I currently maintain: Banal Leakage, It’s Just Marty and this site, with each blog covering it’s own set of rules and types of posts that I make it to each one. Someday, I hope that whatever it is that keeps me from properly balancing the content I produce will break itself free, allowing me to post whatever I wish to these and future blogs I have.

2009 – A New Year

I don’t update this site very much, mostly due to my main blog, Banal Leakage, getting most of the attention.

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year for everyone. I’ll post some more updates here shortly.