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For years now, I’ve had this obsession with always have zero unread emails. It drives me nuts to think about there being unread messages, so I go into the message to see what it is and either delete it or go back to the inbox.

While this promotes a clean inbox, it does pose one problem… I forget what emails need to be taken care of, meaning that if it was something that I was supposed to do, I might forget to take care of it. And it might be several days before I actually remember that I still needed to address the details in the email to the sender.

So this has prompted me to change how I read emails. I will be leaving the items that need to be taken care of as unread, so that I can go back and read them when I get the chance. This is going to take some training and already today, I’ve had to go back and re-mark several as unread because I see that bold counter and want to clear it.

Hoping this new way of email management will work because it could help as I start getting even more emails as I progress my personal writing and other business ventures I am pushing myself to do this summer.