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Stages Of Work

stages of work

This popped up on my Twitter feed from Evernote, which is the main application I use to store notes. I do use multiple note taking apps, but eventually, all notes end up in Evernote. A consolidation effort.

This flowchart of how a sand castle gets built is very similar to how many of our ideas we get are played out. Granted, the distraction periods are absent from this display of 8 stages, but for me and I’m sure for most people, it’s very much a challenge we deal with on a regular basis. Perhaps the Lost Work panel could easily be the part of turning the idea into a reality as a distraction.

But I digress. I liked this image enough to save it off and view it a few times in the last week as a kind of fun motivator.

Projects and Goals

This week, I am starting a goal that I’ve needed to start for a long time now. Since April 2007, I’ve had a membership to Bally’s here in Salt Lake. Since that time, I’ve gone to the gym maybe 20 times. Well, this week and until my membership expires in March 2010, that’s all changing.

I will be documenting my progress over on Banal Leakage starting next week.

Next up is a long time project that I’ve wanted to do. No, not my videos that I make. But it is video related. I’ve got years of footage from when my daughter was just a baby. It’s all on Hi8 format and it’s all over at my daughter’s place. I plan to import all of it to my Mac and then go through it all digitally over time and start making videos out of it.

Of course, all of this requires me to manage my time so that it won’t be another two years before I post something very similar again. Wish me luck.