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David Bowie “Where Are We Now?”


Announced on his 66th birthday, The Thin White Duke is back with new music. Check out the very mellow new song [and somewhat odd video] above.

The new album “The Next Day” is available on March 12th. Click here to pre-order on iTunes.

The Shins Reform

Port of Morrow
Original image found over on Heavy.com

The Shins have reformed… completely. New label and a new line up, with the only original member being James Mercer, who has spent the last few years releasing music with his other band Broken Bells, who I love immensely. That project with Danger Mouse cemented itself on my favorite album list quite quickly.

It’s been exactly 5 years this month since the release of their last album “Wincing The Night Away“, which gathered up new fans to their pop sound.

The new album comes out March 20th. Check out more updates from their official site.