Closed on Thanksgiving

LEGO closed Thanksgiving

Got to give a respectful shout out to LEGO retails stores. A brand that I continue to support.

Happy Thanksgiving to all

LEGO is opening a Utah Location

utah lego store coming soon
Utah will be getting it’s first LEGO store

As the screenshot above shows, Utah will have it’s first official LEGO store opening in 2013. The official LEGO store page announced this back on Feb 21st. I wonder how I missed this?

Now to wait for the grand opening date and to plan accordingly.


It’s true. Sometime in 2013, there will be an official LEGO Back To The Future set. Complete with Marty and Doc minifigures and a Delorean.

I can’t wait.


  • LEGO Shines

    emerald night train
    Original image found at Affordable Luxury

    This is one of those stories – LEGO fan or not – that makes you have confidence that companies still have their customers in mind when running their business.

    Read the below letter to get the story of this boy who wanted the above Emerald Night Train LEGO set that got discontinued.

    September 1, 2012

    LEGO Systems, Inc.
    555 Taylor Road
    P.O. Box 1600
    Enfield, CT 06083-1600

    LEGO Group Headquarters
    East Europe, SNG countries, the Baltic States and the Balkans
    LEGO Trading A/S
    DK-7190 Billund

    Dear Sirs,

    My name is James Groccia and I am 10 years old. I have been playing with many Lego sets and products since I was about 4 years old. I have brick sets, Hero Factory, Creationary, Lunar Limo and more. I participate in a Lego Playgroup to help with my Social Skills (I have Asperger’s Syndrome) and I love playing with Legos at home (I play with them every day).

    A couple of years ago, I saw The Emerald Night Train set (K10194) and fell in love with it. I wanted it right away, but my parents said I had to save the money to get it. For two years I kept all the money I got for birthday and holiday gifts, some of my allowance and some money I got for participating in a research project. At last, a couple of months ago I had my $100 and was ready to buy the Lego set of my dreams!

    My mom started looking for it on line and could not find any. We checked the Lego store in our area and they didn’t have it either. I was completely crushed. You’ve stopped making it! It seems the only way to get one now is to pay $250 on Amazon or ebay, since now it is considered collectible.

    I got another Lego set, thinking I could forget about the Emerald Night, but every time I see it anywhere on line I get very sad and disappointed. I still want the Emerald Night so badly, but there are none to be found.

    Do you have any at your corporate headquarters? Perhaps I could get one that way? If you have any other ideas, I would be happy to hear them. I have never wanted a Lego set so badly ever in my life!

    Your most loyal Lego fan,

    James G. Groccia

    Here is the text of a letter James received from LEGO:

    September 13, 2012
    Dear James,

    Thanks for your interest in our products.

    James, I’m afraid that we no longer made the Emerald Night. I understand how upsetting this news can be. I realize that you saved up your money to purchase it, I do apologize for any disappointment this news may have caused you.

    The toy store shelves aren’t be enough to hold ever
    ything, so sometimes we have to stop making a few of the older sets. Meanwhile, we have a team of experts in Denmark whose job it is to invent to LEGO® toys every year. They spend their time trying to create new and fun toys for children of all ages.

    You never know though, some of the old favorites sometimes make a comeback, so keep a look out!

    The best way to track down discontinued LEGO sets or individual pueces is to check the following secondary market websites:

    http://www.bricklink.com/ and http://www.peequestion surbron.com

    Please note that these websites are not affiliated with the LEGO Group.

    I hope one of our many new LEGO toys will inspire the LEGO fans in your home. To take a look through the hundreds of sets and toys go to www.LEGOshop.com and remember to keep an eye on the ‘Exclusives and Hard to Find’ section, which includes classic and collectible sets!

    Thanks again for contacting us. We are always pleased to receive feedback from LEGO fans! If you could take a moment to complete a four question survey, it will help us make sure we are providing the best customer service to you.

    LEGO Direct Consumer Services

    Then a box arrived with this letter:

    Dear James,

    We are always thrilled to hear from our LEGO fans! You truly have a passion and joy for LEGO. I am amazed at how many sets you have at
    only ten years old! I am a very big LEGO fan myself and enjoy some of the same sets you do. We received your letter here in Consumer Services and were very touched by your determination.

    The Emerald Night Train is a wonderful set, so we can understand why it is your dream to own it. I commend your willpower and patience to save money for over two years just to purchase this set. It is very evident that no other set could make you happier. We can understand how disappointing it must have been to find it had been discontinued. Due to your passion for LEGO and your heart-warming letter, we knew we had to go above and beyond to help make this a reality.

    We have located an Emerald Night Train for you, James, and included it in this package! I am sure you will enjoy building it and cherish your time playing with the train. We are excited to know that we could help make this dream come true for you! Now there will be no more sadness or disappointment when you think about it …just happiness!

    We hope you will continue to love to build and create with LEGO. Fans like you are why we are so lucky as a company. Who knows, maybe you will be working for The LEGO Group one day! You certainly have the heart and passion for our bricks to do so! Happy building, James!


    Consumer Services Advisor

    Excuse me, but after reading this and watching the kids’s reaction, I now have something in my eyes.

    Thanks to KevinIL for sharing this story via Twitter.

    Surfer In The Shade

    LEGO surfer
    Shaded, not Jaded

    I collect LEGOs and have since I was a kid. These latest figures to my collection are LEGO minifigures. There have been four sets of them so far. This particular figure is from Series 2.

    LEGO surfer
    A view from the sand

    I thought I would take him with me to Myrtle Beach last week and have some photo op fun in the sand. The umbrella was courtesy of a drink I consumed while there.

    LEGO surfer
    My left side is not really my best side
    LEGO surfer
    On the right… that’s right