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Jane’s Addiction “Underground”

This one is uncensored, hosted on Playboy.com – NOTE – you might have to refresh this page to see the video.

Plus, they are running a contest where they will come to your house with Playmates and be the house band for your party. Click here to enter and for more details [it requires a free registration on the Key Club web site].

Nothing’s Shocking: The (2009) Return of Jane’s Addiction

♫ Jane Says…
if he comes back again…
Tell him to wait right here for me ♫

Jane's Addiciton
Photo found on Ugo.com


Well, they look older than that photo above [sorry, no current photos, or at least I couldn’t find one that showed the whole band together]. But such exciting news. And they are on tour with Nine Inch Nails, for what sounds like their final tour ever.

A couple of dates have been announced so far: Sasquatch! Music Festival at the Gorge in Washington state and Bonnaroo in Tennessee [just NIN at this fesitval, not Jane’s]. More dates will be announced soon.

This is one of those concert moments that if you miss it, you will kick yourself all over the place for years for not making the effort to go.


Here’s another photo that I liked [even though Flea wasn’t an original member]:
Jane's Addiciton
Photo found on MusicRemedy.com