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Hating Technology

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I know a lot of people that hate Apple products

Breaking my 19 month silence here on this blog to share my feelings about technology, specifically the Apple vs. Android Celebrity Death Match

I know a lot of people that hate anything Apple. If I had to guess, at least half of them have never used an Apple product. To hate something you’ve never used is a special kind of wacky.

Further venturing down the guess list, a good 90% of those that hate Apple are Android users. Their product is superior on every level. It never crashes, it never fails them, it runs every update flawless and it’s the best product they’ve ever used.

Until it fails every so often.

Then it’s bitch about it on social media. “My phone rebooted randomly for 2 days until I rooted it and restored all of the data and apps. It was useless for 3 days.” Then they love it like it never failed ever. But they will forever cling to that Never Apple mantra, cause it’s horrible. The existence of Apple products caused their grandma to die. It caused the end of their 10 year marriage to their high school sweetheart. Their coveted job interview was missed due to a calendar entry not updating properly…. not on an Apple device.. nope. But simply because Apple exists, it was Apple’s fault their Android phone didn’t update properly from Google Calendar on their Windows 8.1 laptop running Google Chrome. The possibility of having to pick up an Apple device without gloves or tongs conjures up all sorts of “my fingers will burn” reactions, like trying to save a lost treasure from a cauldron of melted steel. I admit to exaggeration to some degree.

I’ve been an Apple user since 1985. To say I like Apple products would be a true statement. Have they been perfect and without flaws? Oh heavens no. There have been some tough times. And lots of swear words. But I still use their products.

The main difference between the several bad experiences I’ve had over the years with Apple devices and how Android users mock and hate Apple is that I’ve never once opined my hate against Android.

I carried an Android phone for a good 2 years. It wasn’t my main phone, but it went with me daily. It had it’s issues here and there, mostly battery life being not all that. But I didn’t rant on social media each time I had an issue with it and called for its abolishment from society. Over the years, Android had OS updates that made the interface and usability better and more stable. Just like Apple has done with its OS. And like Windows did with its OS. And Linux and it’s 40 or so distributions and variances.

Hey, maybe it’s not the specific OS that sucks, but technology in general. We’ve pushed our devices to do hundreds of tasks and expect them to never crash or have data loss or lack functionality. It’s a given that at some point, technology will fail us. It’s not a question of if, but when.

So Apple Haters. You are a revered group of technology lovers who love your Android devices until you don’t.

And I will be over here using my collection of Apple devices, with its ties to technology that can fail every so often.