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Chilly Willy Christmas 2020

Kiss Me

Blogger friend Kapgar has been wanting to see my Chilly Willy collection. I thought starting with the Christmas ornaments and a snow globe would be a good place to start.

There were a series of these ornaments. I thought I had more than 2, but I guess not. Or perhaps the others got lost in the various moves I’ve done over the last 20 years.

Happy Holidays

You can’t see it from the front view, but the red hat round ball broke off sometime ago. You would think over the years sitting in the box for 11 months, these things would still be intact. But I guess maybe it got knocked off the tree and hit the floor.

the boxes for the above two ornaments

I really can’t recall when I got these. I want to say it’s been the better part of 20 years. There are no dates on the boxes. And they are worn from being taken in and out of the storage container they are kept in, even thought it’s only twice a year.

Snow Globe – Chilly

The snow globe was a good find. I believe I found this one at a Christmas gift shop. The front side shows Chilly Willy…

Snow Globe – Woody

….. and the back side shows Woody Woodpecker.

More Coming Soon

I have other Chilly Willy items that I’ve not posted out here before. Once I find them and take pictures, I will add another blog post.

19 Random Facts

Normally I post this kind of thing over on Banal Leakage, but I’m distracted with the ongoing project of posting my European Vacation daily updates from July. Playing catch up over there still.

So as part of that distraction, I found this on a few of my Facebook friend’s pages. Enjoy.

1. Do you make your bed every day? My wife does most days.
2. What’s your favorite number? 29. It’s a roulette thing.
3. What is your dream job? Filmmaker
4. If you could, would you go back to high school? Never
5. Can you parallel park? Kind of.
6. A job you had which people would be surprised to know you had? Sold meat door to door
7. Do you think aliens are real? Pretty much.
8. Can you drive a stick shift? Yes.
9. Guilty TV pleasure? The Simpsons
10. Any Tattoos? Two, of Chilly Willy the penguin (this blog’s namesake)
12. ONE thing people do that drives you crazy? Judge and criticize others they don’t know
13. Do you have any birthmarks? I don’t remember. Seriously, don’t remember.
14. Favorite childhood game? Trouble
15. Do you talk to yourself? A lot
16. Do you like doing puzzles? I do, but it’s one of those “been years” things
17. Music genre? Everything but country.
18. Tea or coffee? Coffee, with green or chai tea every so often.
19. The first thing you remember wanting to be when you grew up? A writer