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Hot Wheels Back To The Future 2015

bttf hot wheels
A new model for Back To The Future Part II

Happy New Year 2016

Back almost 3 years ago, I posted pics of my Back To The Future Hot Wheels models. This last year, there was a new model released of the DeLorean from the iconic movie series. This time, it’s the hover converted time machine from Part II.

bttf hot wheels
Another shot of the Hover Mode DeLorean in it’s package

I tried to find it for the longest time, even considering paying $15 on Amazon for one. Until late last year, while shopping at Target, I decided to once again, look through all of the Hot Wheels in their toy section. And I found one. For 99 cents. I looked for a second one, but alas, just the one was found. Which means this stays sealed in it’s original packaging. If I do happen to find another one, it will be opened for this fan to display next to my other model from 2013.

bttf hot wheels
the back of the Hot Wheels pacakge

I hope to keep collecting these over the years, even if I don’t have each and every model released.

Hot Wheels Meets Back To The Future

bttf hot wheels

As big of a Back To The Future fan that I am, I found this gem last year and decided to buy two of them. One is still sealed in it’s package. But I wanted to play with one, too.

It wasn’t very much (under $2 for each one) and I thought it was worth it, even at twice the price.

bttf hot wheels

The back of the packaging is very detailed, as most Hot Wheels packages usually are.

bttf hot wheels

Released and in the real world, this is quite the detailed car. There are no moving parts on this, except the wheels, so no doors or hoods open and no smoke comes out of the rear time machine exhausts. But for the price of this collectable toy, I can’t complain.

Adult Collector

bttf hot wheels collector

For the serious collector, I couldn’t resist the above. It was $25, but this baby is not leaving it’s plastic home.

Still not offering any opening doors or hoods, that doesn’t matter to me. The finer detail in the additional Mr. Fusion, and the nice clear side view that keeps this baby sealed up makes this collector’s item a win for this Marty McFly.

bttf hot wheels collector

I joined what is called the Hot Wheels Red Line Club, which is a fancy way of saying that I am a 40-something adult that collects small cars, like the ones I used to play with when I was a kid. Only nicer. And unplayable.

bttf hot wheels collector

The detail in this packaging is perfect for a collector. While I only have a couple other collectors type cars, this is one that I was waiting for. And I did wait… a good 10 months before I got it.

bttf hot wheels collector

I wish I would have bought two so I could play with one, putting it next to the regular Hot Wheels scale DeLorean.


It’s true. Sometime in 2013, there will be an official LEGO Back To The Future set. Complete with Marty and Doc minifigures and a Delorean.

I can’t wait.