Mac #4 Arrived

MacBook Pro

Ok, so I’m a bit late reporting this. My new MacBook pro arrived last month.

A bit shocking that I waited over a month to post this? So am i. But hey, it’s a new month. This is a great notebook. All of the reports about being too hot have seem to evaded the model I got. While most laptops run hot anyway, this could be an issue for some. Regardless, I’m really enjoying it. Even one of my friends ventured over to the Mac with the MacBook Pro.

So now I have 4 Macs at home, one still being the older Umax running OS 9.1. The PC has left the building, or at least it will once I get it built for my daughter (who is patiently still using a Pentium II Micron PC). I still have an older Toshiba Tecra 720CDT that isn’t worth selling or giving away. Until I either get something like Parallels Desktop for Mac on my MacBook Pro or it dies from old age, I’ll keep it around.

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