Alice In Chains Says “One More Time”

Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains

While I never expected something like this to happen, last year’s Tsunami Relief Benefit Show in Seattle was a big hint [NOTE: if you’ve not heard the bootleg of this, and you are a fan of AIC, you’ve got to hear it] . Now Jerry Cantrell has come forward today and made it clear that Alice In Chains will be touring this summer. Here’s the MTV news story. As the article states, reuniting as Alice In Chains is only going to be a “one last time” deal and if it progresses any further, they’ll choose another band name.

Since their inception back in 1990 (at least based on the commericially-released album, “Facelift”), Alice In Chains have always been considered along the birth of the “grunge” era. They have also been one of my favorite bands. The death of Layne Staley in April 2002 pretty much ended the band, even though Layne became a reclusive drug addict for the previous six years. To me, this is good news and I’ll do what I can to catch them on the road (you know, they’ll skip Salt Lake, like 80% of the other bands out there do).

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