Happy Belated New Year

No one is probably more glad to see 2002 come to a close. While there were some good things that happened last year, it was more than outweighed by so much kaos that it was so much easier to write it off and set my sights on 2003. So far, this year is going better. I can tell you that I am forever grateful for my mom and her support (both emotional and financial). Thanks to her, Christmas worked out great and I was able to spend some time with her. As far as business goes, it’s going good, just slow. Need more clients to see my financial mess get cleaned up. But no complaints as I’ve got 5 other friends in the IT industry that are out of work and have very little to no options for money coming in. I named my company Penguin Bytes (not really geared towards the Linux OS, but I do support it). The name is more along the lines of my love for penguins (ChillyWilly should make that obvious). I am also working with a friend of mine who has a company – Aitrus Telcom. If it works, I’ll transition my clients to Aitrus and then keep Penguin Bytes for misc. jobs and for starting my writing career. More updates later. thanks for reading my rumblings.

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