Save Marty

Boy, have I been a slacker. Well, not really. Today was a particuarly low point in my life, as far as finaces go. Not only am I so out of cash, I’ve got two missed credit card payments (all 3 of my low credit limit cards are full, BTW) but I’ve got several other bills due. Yeah, I know… Boo Freakin’ Hoo!! But trust me on this one, I’m not one to boob or bitch about money issues to people… let alone the entire WWW. So, with that in mind, and after sending out some 60 or so resumes in the last 2 weeks with no bites at all, I decided to join the ranks of the Internet scavengers and ask for donations (including the all-so-common PayPal Donate button). Each week, I’ll post a new update on my shitty financial life and how well it’s going. I’m optimistic in general, but I don’t expect much until the seach engines catch my new changes and META name tags. Meanwhile, the rest of this week will be spent making changes to my site (, including posting some photos and getting my latest resume online. Any job leads are much appreciated. Times are tough, but anything would help at this point.

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