Month: October 2002

Even Less Money, Shitloads Mo Problems

Ok, it’s been a few days. But nothing to report on until today. Yesterday, called one of my regular clients to see how things were going. He tells me, “so you got my email ok?” I asked him what email (it had been almost an hour since I checked it) and he tells me that he had some computer and server needs. Kinda cool, in a weird way… but I’ll take it. So that’s a bit more cash that I needed (and there are more things that need to be done once Qwest gets stuff done on their DNS). Still waiting for a couple of small checks from a client in Las Vegas. So each day, Wells Fargo gets hits from me, seeing where my balance is. So far, it’s not been too bad. But being no-cash poor is bad. My Chevron card is getting a work out in milk, bread, soda and gas for the car. Thank god they raised my limit. But I know someday soon, that’s a card that’s going to need a break and a pay off. We’ll cross that bridge when I get there. The ego boost from last Friday’s interview lasted a few days…. it was nice while it lasted. I need more!! So far, no searching finds my web site. Maybe someday soon. For now, my searches turn up all of the stuff I did years ago. Nice to find that out there, but I need the current stuff to show up…. like my Web-begging site. So far, no bites or hits. Someday soon.

Less Money, Mo Problems

The bills never stop coming, but that’s my daily story. The few positives that did happen yesterday and today were good. On thurs, I talked to a very good friend who is very close to me. She went through about 7 months of no job and it took a toll on her self-esteem and her social abilities. But just last week, she got a job and is starting on her path back to normal human life. It was good to know she went through the same shit I went through. Being able to relate to someone I am close with helped a lot. And today, I had that job interview in Salt Lake. It was good and I thought I did well. And being one of 6, it still makes me nervous, but just talking about my work experience was good. My main forte is MS Exchange (both 5.5 and 2000) of which I’ve managed for several companies, both large and small. This company has 120 desktops, so it’s not a huge environment, but at least they truely focused on my technical skills. So we’ll see what happens with this one. Still no hits on the web site, but I imagine that’s going to take time. For now, it’s finding more CDs and DVDs I don’t need anymore and getting a few bucks for each one. It’s not much, but it adds up.

Job Update

After a pretty harsh two weeks with no bites, one bite came back today. And it was one that I expected to brush me off. Back in late June, I emailed my resume for a position for a LAN Admin here in Salt Lake. About 3 weeks ago, I got a call from the HR person and she said they received over 1,100 resumes for this one position! (yeah, “Holy Shit!” was my same response, although it’s somewhat the norm for some coveted positions). So after being told they would get back with those of the 24 resumes they picked through, they would call back the 6 they narrowed it down to. So it turns out that I made the cut! WhooHOO!! It helped make the rest of this empty day better than I expected it to be. While I’m not betting the whole basket of eggs on this one, I am hopful that something will happen. I’ll keep things updated. On my home page, so far nothing on the search engines. I’m hoping that people will see my page and want to part with a few George Washinton’s or more.

Save Marty

Boy, have I been a slacker. Well, not really. Today was a particuarly low point in my life, as far as finaces go. Not only am I so out of cash, I’ve got two missed credit card payments (all 3 of my low credit limit cards are full, BTW) but I’ve got several other bills due. Yeah, I know… Boo Freakin’ Hoo!! But trust me on this one, I’m not one to boob or bitch about money issues to people… let alone the entire WWW. So, with that in mind, and after sending out some 60 or so resumes in the last 2 weeks with no bites at all, I decided to join the ranks of the Internet scavengers and ask for donations (including the all-so-common PayPal Donate button). Each week, I’ll post a new update on my shitty financial life and how well it’s going. I’m optimistic in general, but I don’t expect much until the seach engines catch my new changes and META name tags. Meanwhile, the rest of this week will be spent making changes to my site (, including posting some photos and getting my latest resume online. Any job leads are much appreciated. Times are tough, but anything would help at this point.